Maximum file size per extension in SharePoint 2013

Summary: This blog post describes how to use a new feature to set a maximum file size per extension in SharePoint 2013.

As most of you know, you are able to set the maximum upload size in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 in the General settings for each Web Application.
The default maximum upload size for SharePoint 2013 is 250MB.

Maximum upload size

Maximum file size per file extension
A new cool feature that I really like in the preview is the possibility to add exceptions for certain file types.
By default, the .one extension has a maximum upload size of 1024MB (1GB)

Now what if we want to add another exception. Let’s say I want to allow .wmv files up to 1GB as well.
We can use PowerShell to add this extension. So far, I have not found a GUI interface to do the same:

$WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication ""

To see all current maximum file sizes per extension:

$WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication ""

Current limits

Removing a maximum file size for an extension


This will remove the wmv again, so the maximum allowed upload size for .wmv files will be 250MB again.

New maximum upload limit

5 thoughts on “Maximum file size per extension in SharePoint 2013

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  2. Thanks, helpful post.
    is there any way to set the max file size per KBs? for example 500 KB I have tried 0.5 but it has been set to 0.

    • Hi Mohamed,

      The value specified is MB value. I don’t think there is a way to set a KB limit. Why would you want to allow 500KB but not 1MB? With these small numbers does it really matter?

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